Our Story

Thrive was founded out of frustration.

Thrive was founded by Clare Griffiths, FRSA in 2018, when she became frustrated that she couldn’t find the right kind of business support and community she needed as a female solopreneur. As she couldn’t find what she wanted, she decided to create the solution herself!

Thrive welcomes female solopreneurs.

Whilst there are some fantastic business support programmes for female founders who want to build a team and scale their businesses, there are very few initiatives for female solopreneurs who want to grow their own business in terms of revenue, but not in terms of staff, and who are happy to remain working for themselves as a company of one.

In response to this, Clare decided to fill that gap by delivering inspiring, informative and practical learning and networking opportunities for female solopreneurs who - she strongly believes - are underserved in the world of business support.

Thrive is growing.

In the early days of Thrive, Clare hosted monthly, peer support groups for female founders in Brighton, UK. Since then, she has developed a range of events and learning tools for women in business from Sussex and beyond - informed by her expertise and experience as an entrepreneurship educator, innovation adviser and female founder.

Whilst Thrive is based in Sussex, UK, where most of our in-person events take place, female founders from anywhere in the world are welcome to attend our virtual events hosted on Zoom.

Clare Griffiths, Founder of Thrive
Clare Griffiths, Founder of Thrive