Thrive is an impact-led business on a mission to enable female founders, freelancers and change makers in Sussex gain the knowledge, clarity and community they need to grow a resilient, small business.

Wherever you are based in Sussex*, if you identify as a female founder, you have come to the right place!

Our carefully curated events and expertly designed learning tools enable you to develop your business management skills, nurture your entrepreneurial mindset and connect you with other women in business.

When you attend our events either in-person or online, you learn from, and network with, other women in business, and experience for yourself how supportive our community of female founders really is.

*If you live outside Sussex, you are - of course - welcome to attend our online events, accessible from anywhere in the world!

‘Thrive is a caring, supportive group which allows us all to realise that, whatever our business, we all share similar challenges, needs, desires, aspirations - and by sharing advice and ideas among each other, we can empower each other to “Just do it”! Thank you for creating such an environment’.
Bonamy Waddell, Founder and Data Storyteller, Bon Insight

‘I really enjoy being part of the Thrive community. Clare is always very supportive and encouraging of everyone (and has an amazing way of connecting us together). Also, there is such a great range of events and tools to help with running my business. I would highly recommend coming along!’
Samantha Oakley, Founder, SO Law

Screenshot of Thrive Without Borders event in June 2022
Thrive Without Borders event, June 2022
Thrive Meetup in Hassocks, February 2020
Thrive Meetup in Hassocks, February 2020


At our Thrive events - which are known for being inspiring, informative and practical - you are always able to learn new things and make meaningful connections in a supportive environment.

Screenshot of The Business Clarity Canvas
The Business Clarity Canvas® (cropped image)

Business Clarity Sessions

Using The Business Clarity Canvas® as our guiding framework, our tailored Business Clarity sessions help you gain clarity and identify action to take, so that you can achieve your business goals.

'Ignite Your Creative Thinking in Business' cards


Our tools are informed by our founder’s unique experience as an entrepreneurship educator, innovation adviser and small business owner, and enable you to think more creatively, gain clarity and take action.