Our events are informed by best practice.

All our events and business support initiatives are informed by our founder’s unique experience as an entrepreneurship educator, innovation adviser and small business owner.

Our Thrive events are carefully curated, designed and delivered with your needs in mind. They are inspiring, informative and practical, so that you feel motivated and equipped to put into practice what you learn. 

Our events are opportunities to learn and network.

Not only do you have the opportunity to learn new things, but you also have the opportunity to make new, meaningful connections with other attendees. And, peer support is strongly encouraged.

Our events are accessible.

Our events are accessible because our pricing strategy is based on a Pay-As-You-Go model (i.e. you just pay for the events you attend - we don’t charge any kind of monthly, membership subscription).

Some of our events and support are free because they are fully funded by voluntary sector, grant-giving organisations. Other business support initiatives have a price attached, so that we are able to cover all our operating costs.

Group photo of our brunch in March 2020
Group photo at our Female Founders Business Brunchin' in March 2020